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Denomination: Vino di Visciole
Type: Wild red cherry, aromatic wine
Production Area and Grape Variety: Vineyard "Bellaluce", Sant'Andrea di Suasa, Mondavio (PU) ITALY and Orchard (wild cherries) "Maria Laura", Sant'Andrea di Suasa, Mondavio (PU) ITALY
Cultivable Area: 1,2 Ha
Soil: calcareus/clayey
Altitude: 270 mt a.s.l.
Exposure: South - East
Cherries Harvest: in the mid/last part of June the sour cherry ripens with the sun. We pike by hand and we take a selection in the cellar.
Production: 10 Kg per plant
Vinification: in steel barrels, fermentation at controlled temperature
Maturation: in cement barrels at controlled temperature
Refinement: in bottle for further 12 months, in temperature and humidity controlled environment
Alcohol Content: 14 v%

Ruby-red colour with reddish purple reflectons. The light rotation in the glass views the cosistency: small tears descend slowly drawing gothic narrow arches. Extraordinary aromatic intensity and aromas of cherry jam, berries, black cherry and black currant with a fine and spicy fragrance, vanilla and chocolate, detectable in the nose.
A good balance of acid sugars follows a soft impact in the mouth. Its long and opulent final taste has hints of sour cherries and spices

On its own, like a meditation wine, chocolate or dry sweets, ice cream, tarts, chiffon cake.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10-15° C in large size glasses

This wine is a blend of our territory (Pesaro-Urbino): wine with a particular variety of wild cherries (Prunus Cerasus) called “Vino di Visciole”.
It has roots in past centuries. The florentine biographer, Vespasiano da Bisticci, says that Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino (1422-1488): ” …he didn’t drink wine that cerase wine…” As the “cerase” was intend the sour cherries which is an ancient variety of wild dark red cherries sour taste (Prunus Cerasus), that arise spontaneously in our area.

The “Eliaccio” wine is also called “elixir of courtship”. Undisputed protagonist of female desire for its ruby colour, slightly sweet taste and its attractive aromas.
When cherries are mature are picked and mixed together with red wine “Castel Suasa” minimum 5 years aged, and sugar. After 3 months of fermentation at controlled temperature it is ready to be separated from the solid part, it is filtered and left to age in barrels from some months, then it is bottled with refinement in the dark room.
The result is a sweet, delicate and particularly aromatic wine that marries well with desserts and chocolate based sweets.

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