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Leaving the coast, of the “Marche” region, at Fano and penetrating inland for about 20 Kilometers, in a short time you enter in an area characterized by gentle slopes and picturesque views, harmoniously conjugates in a longstanding alliance, whose origins are lost in time.
Moving from the coast to the interior it is a trip back into the past, as if the daily frenzy falls to penetrate the soul of these places.
Here, not far from the sea, lies the small, medieval village of “Sant’Andrea di Suasa”, still populated by little more than some fifty souls, silent guardians of a small world that strikes the visitor just arrived at destination.
The village, that is spread along the ridge of a large hill on the left bank of the river “Cesano”, with the profile of mounts “Catria” and “Acuto” as a beautiful setting on the horizon, it still stands today for the characteristic medieval urban structure. It conserves still intact the mighty walls that protected it for centuries and which ends in the only gateway to the castle, in ancient times the seat of drawbridge.
The urban plan, of elongated shape, exetends along the main street to one straight line, on the eastern side show the fine parish church, the Benedictine monastery and some noble palaces until the square where on the highest point stands the palace of the Savelli family, to dominate its own vineyard.

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