Azienda Vitivinicola Elio Savelli


Over the years, a passion for history and love of one’s origins pushed Elio Savelli to protect not only the land but also those ancient instruments of the country life, that, after forged generations, threatened to disappear, now forgotten forever. With patience and persistence, starting from the ancient wooden plows of the ancestors, tools for winemaking, to tractors to hothead and cart, ect., he began a painstaking work of recovery and restoration which then put generously available to all.
Along this private museum, the visitor takes a trip back in time and, patting the ancient tools of life of yesteryear, he can still perceive and relive the emotions and the simplicity of an era unforgettable.

Azienda Agricola Vitivinicola Biologica Elio Savelli - Vigneto Bellaluce, Sant'Andrea di Suasa, 61040 Mondavio (PU) ITALY
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