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Hospitality, today as in the past, is a sincere pleasure, a moment of mutual exchange. Our desire is to share with guests the thrill of a path of personal knowledge, history and culture, combined with the pleasure of the palate.
In this context, the tasting is just the latest act of an emotional journey that involves all the senses and starts, first of all, crossing the entrance of “BELLALUCE” VINEYARD.
As usual first of all, Elio Savelli welcomes guests, by telling them the story of the ancient village and his family, combining personal memories with historical events that have marked the passing of time.
Then board of his historic jeep, WWII 1941 class heirloom, he begins to show proudly the beauties of the “azienda”, first of all the great and mighty oaks which quietly for centuries protect the entrance of the “BELLALUCE” VINEYARD.
Advancing you find yourself surrounded by old fruit trees, quinces, pears, plums, olives and golds blackberries, sour cherry trees of the countryside, and surrounded by a riot of intoxicating scents, that frame the view of the vineyard and that you can taste our wines.
Walking trough the vines, he explains the different varieties, telling the origin, characteristics and explaining growing techniques based on ancient knowledge passed down from centuries.
Then, back a visit to the “Sesto Savelli’s museum”.
Starting from the most remote eras, Elio traces the development of agriculture and of our civilization, from centuries past to today, doing rediscover our true origins unfortunately almost forget.
The visit of the cellar, near the museum, with a tasting of our wines, is the last step of this emotional journey. In front of the large wooden barrels and ancient reserve bottles, the guest taste pleasant culinary combinations between our wines and local organic products, selected from among the best companies in the surrounding area (km 0). During the summer, the tastings and wine events enjoy the exclusive privilege offered by the large panoramic terrace overlooking the main square of the “azienda” and the wineyard too.
In a warm and elegant atmosphere, behind the ancient walls of the castle, in front of the rolling hills and in the distance the mountains Acuto and Catria, at the foot of the wineyard, you become, unwittingly, protagonists of a beautiful picture, the magnificent picture of the nature.

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