Azienda Vitivinicola Elio Savelli



This story starts from very far away, so far where you cannot get to our memory, we must resort to mute sovereign testimonies, to the walls of the castle, the ancient plows and various tools used in the succesion of time and greedily preservede even today in the “azienda” itself.
The merit of this must be attributed equally to the two protagonists of the story: the extraordinary happy location and the “Savelli” family, always, loving, loyal and industrious keeper.
Always in living memory on this site there was a vineyard.
Maybe who knows, since “Piero della Francesca” (1415-1492) painted these rolling hills in the depths of his paintings, or perhaps from even more distant times, when the ancient city of “Suasa” stretched his powers throughout the surrounding valley.

Certainly we know that the “Della Rovere”, Renaissance lords of which remain architectural relics throughout the province, they preferred this small plot of land for its extraordinary wine vocation.
The beauty of these lands, that ignored by mass tourism, have preserved their “genius loci”, where every hill is still crowned by a rock or a medieval castle, where the absence of industry allowed the rural economy would preserve the charming landscape, all this, as intrinsic value when not visible is anyway perceptible, participates in the very soul of our wine.
To top off work of mother nature, it has also added the work and the sacrifice of the men of the “Savelli” family ,for generations.


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