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The name of “BELLALUCE” vineyard, representative of our viineyard, originates from the ancient street adjacent to the “azienda” and which separates it from the castle walls, stroking her the sweet profile.
It is a untouched land for centuries, indeed, forever, not being in fact never been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it represents nowadays a real rarity but mostly an excellence of our territory.
To this must be added the uniqueness of our microclimate or “terroir”. Facing south-east, on hilly terrain 270 meters above sea level, the “Bellaluce” vineyard has always knows a constant ventilation of fresh air coming from the sea. Of fundamental importance, it will preserved naturally screws to mould and pests, ensures excellent maturation, thus contributing to create a unique microclimate, capables of giving the grapes those extraordinary aromas and flavors that are left intact in our wines. Finally, the composition of the soil, of medium texture, on presence of alternating layers of sand and clay, at different dephts, further contributes to embellish the “terroir”. The organic fertilizing follows the ancient procedure that is the seed of field beans, green manure, and then subsequent landfill.
The treatments which are also relevant to organic farming methods, consist in the limited administration of cupric sulfur products, alternating with propolis tincture. To embellish everything, contributes finally our historic and untouchable family tradiction that for centuries has produced exclusively with grapes from the same “bellaluce” vineyard.
Following the ancient customs of our ancestors, in order to preserve intact in every vintage the value and the memory of the season, we decided not to resort the vineyard irrigation. As farming method, we use the espalier with spurred cordon.
Of the more than 40 acres of property of our “azienda”, currently 7 hectares are planted with vines and precisely 5 acres with red grapes (Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot e Cabernet Souvignon) and 2 with white grapes from old vines present for more than 100 years, that are renewed every 40 years with cutting the plants at about 30 cm from the ground.
Thanks to the protection guaranteed by high hedges, ancient oaks and hundreds of plants sour cherries (Prunus Cerasus), the vineyard allowed the survival of many animal species who have found shelter, becoming a true oasis in which to survive undisturbed.
Strolling on the estate is like being in a little paradise on earth, so much so that it is impossible not to meet our guests while you run between the lares or fly unmolested.
Hares, pheasants, magpies, doves …. Deer accompany for years our visitors. By 2012, just to keep this little paradise for animals and plants, to our great satisfaction, the whole area of the “azienda” was placed under the protection of the Forest Ranger, by declaring it a protected area with permanent prohibition of hunting.

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