Azienda Vitivinicola Elio Savelli

Bisnonno Sabatino


It is said that the great-grandfather Sabatino, born in 1858, along the village streets and, out of a good hour, from the castle walls to oversee the work of the vineyard, wold tell to the villagers that “ the creature grows better if you often visit her!”, intending for creature the vineyard and its rows.
Even during the long winter, when the plants were resting, not wanting to learn to move away from his creatures, Sabatino loved spending time looking them from the top of the castle walls, braving the cold and stroking his long whiskers.

So much passion and love for their land, harmoniously conjugated to ancient knowledge dating bak to the past, could not and should not disappear.
So it was that his beloved son, Sesto, from an early age and from the father he learned the valuable lessons, he was so enthusiastic about to decide to devote himself to the family business.
In the beginning he supported Sabatino as a simple help, then as collaborator and at the end (when the father died) Sesto took over command of the “azienda”, that consists of 8 farms conducted in sharecropping.


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